Le prix national
d’art de Salt Spring


A bundle… of gathered…

Winnipeg, MB

Artwork Statement

"A bundle… of gathered…" denotes the significance in a documented moment of pause. The sky depicted was seen at a site of significance to the artist, which is reinforced through painstaking labour and repetitive actions associated with beadwork. Therein the link to the instinctive need to routinely return to special places: to gather one's thoughts; to gather knowledge; to gather a sense of self; etc. The bundle of maple and oak lumber represents all that we gather as we relate to place and time, hung on the wall between the moment of collection and creation.


Seed beads on stroud cloth, maple and oak 1x1's, unframed


16" x 12"

About the Artist

Katherine Boyer (Métis/Settler) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on methods bound to textile arts and the handmade - primarily woodworking and beadwork. Boyer’s art and research encompass personal family narratives entwined with Métis history, material culture, architectural spaces (human-made and natural). Her work often explores boundaries between two opposing things in an effort to better understand both sides of a perceived dichotomous identity. This manifests in long, slow, and considerate laborious processes that attempt to unravel and better understand history, environmental influences, and personal memories.