Le prix national
d’art de Salt Spring


Between Rock and a Hard Place

Amersfoort, Netherlands

Artwork Statement

My ‘Places’ series looks at vernacular architecture in transition. All architecture, whether vernacular or monumental, echoes the society that built it. Fissures in communities eventually find their way into buildings. Decisions to uphold a structure or let it deteriorate are owned collectively. There is a deeper story than simply neglect. By capturing these moments of vulnerability, I want to express something about common human struggles. These works are built with pieces of paper: maps (of the east coast) transparently painted in acrylic, natural textures from magazine pages, and additional media.


Maps, print pages, acrylic, pen on canvas board, unframed


18" x 24"

About the Artist

After studying fine art and art history, Anna Belleforte pursued architectural conservation studies in England and worked in the heritage field in the Netherlands. Finding a wealth of human stories in the built environments all over the world inspired her to return to the craft of making, which she now does full-time. Her mixed media work expresses something about the histories and significance of places, whether on a personal or collective level. She builds compositions using painted papers, such as local maps or book pages, that are connected to the subject depicted. The Places series shows vernacular architecture in power struggles with nature.