Le prix national
d’art de Salt Spring


Dik’aaz (It is red)


Artwork Statement

This hand-stitched shawl I made shows the eight generations of my First Nation grandmothers and family members. The year they were born is stitched on the outside with 500 pennies which is the amount of treaty money I receive every year. This work honors my grandmothers, my children, my nieces, and our unbreakable connection to the land we come from. I chose to create this work using a faux HBC blanket to address the colonial history of the HBC land sales to the loss of my family’s land. This shawl is constructed similarly to one that my great-grandmother wore.


Faux HBC blanket, pennies, sinew, fabric, fringe, unframed


60" x 36" x 14"

About the Artist

Glenna Cardinal is Tsuut’ina and Saddle Lake Cree. She is the mother of two artists/musicians that inspire her life and wellness. She has a BSW from the University of Calgary and is working toward an Indigenous Master of Social Work degree 2021-2023. Her art and research challenge paternalism, oppression, and forced colonial identity. She is the child of residential school survivors past and present. She lives on the Tsuut’ina Nation, the land of her maternal grandmothers, whose history currently informs her practice. She works to honour the land that was home and is now buried under a freeway.