Le prix national
d’art de Salt Spring


Enacting Parts

Calgary, AB

Artwork Statement

"When I touch you, I feel your breath."
"Enacting Parts" is a project through which I grapple with the embodiment of throwaway objects as active agents within our domestic and natural spaces, but also within our bodies, our memories, and all non-physical parts of our being. This work intends to engage in dialogue with a broken object in order to trouble and make visible some intricacies of late capitalism and anthropocentrism in a time of reemergence. The text printed across the surface of this piece records the artist's experience seeing, touching, smelling, and listening to this object.


Screenprint, washi paper, thread, metal frame, unframed


27" x 54" x 26"

About the Artist

Heather Leier is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Calgary in the Treaty 7 region in southern Alberta, Canada. Her art practice employs research-creation approaches to examine embodied trauma and problematize shared assumptions of socially constructed life phases and identities. This work ranges from the production of printed ephemera to life-size site-specific print installations, drawing attention to negotiations of space and endurance with violence. When she isn’t teaching or working on various printmaking projects, she is likely tending to her plant cohabitants.