Le prix national
d’art de Salt Spring


For Your Own Good

Guelph, ON

Artwork Statement

​“For Your Own Good” (2020) is a sculpture inspired by our reaction to the threat of Covid to our elderly population, specifically in long-term care. Although the lockdown rules aimed to keep senior residents safe from the virus, the emotional toll of being denied any visits from family, friends, or volunteers is devastating. This piece, made of 100 carved figures from identical bars of soap, was then placed in mason jars, which in turn are placed on shelves. The sculpture allows us to look in on the miniature elderly figures, who look out at us, protected from sickness but denied human contact.


Carved ivory soap figures, mason jars, shelves, unframed


72" x 48"

About the Artist

Christine De Vuono is a multimedia artist working with drawing, sculpture, collage, installation, and photography. The materials of each project are chosen specifically to engage viewers in new ways to examine societal norms and values. Her work utilizes antiquated practices and mindful labour, emphasizing the disparity between past traditions and present efficiencies. Often focusing on the transitions we face in life, her work celebrates the needs of the psyche for beloved care and lived beauty. De Vuono’s work has been shown in London, UK, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, Ottawa, in her hometown of Guelph, and online forums.