Le prix national
d’art de Salt Spring



Amiskwaciwâskahikan | Treaty 6 Territory, Edmonton, AB

Artwork Statement

This work aims to examine the function of colonialism in portraiture and other histories that aren’t always truthful representations of Indigenous existence. As such, my portraits describe Indigenous people as they appear to me. Through my work, I celebrate nuanced experiences and seek a sincere understanding of the many facets of Indigenous life. “Sikapinakii” is a portrait made during the pandemic. There is complexity in Indigenous representation. I want to create representations that are true to each person, in this case: Sikapinakii. I am honoured to have created this work.


Acrylic on stretched canvas, unframed


48" x 48"

About the Artist

Lauren Crazybull is a Niitsítapi, Dené painter. In her work, Crazybull interrogates how Indigenous identities have been historically represented and understood through visual culture. Working primarily in portraiture, a long-standing genre that is often embedded with an imbalance of power between the artist/viewer and sitter, Crazybull seeks to examine the relationship between herself as an artist and the individuals she paints. Through this ongoing work, Lauren uses her work as a way to assert her own humanity, and advocate, in diverse and subtle ways, for the innate intellectual, spiritual, creative, and political fortitude of Indigenous peoples.