Le prix national
d’art de Salt Spring


We’ll need these wounds to clear out the mist

Ottawa, ON

Artwork Statement

I am a Haitian-Canadian emerging artist specializing in painting. My mediums of choice are acrylic, oil, and collage. My work explores representations of Haiti, its archives, and the third-space. I present a reconstruction of the fragmented history of Haiti to demonstrate the complexity of its people. This work pays homage to my late uncle, Fausto Fontil, and explores my ideas around Haitian masculinity/fatherhood.


Acrylic and oil on canvas, unframed


48" x 24"

About the Artist

Laurena Finéus is a Haitian-Canadian visual artist specializing in painting and is based in Ottawa, Ontario. Finéus is a graduate from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in Communication. Her work has been exhibited at the Ottawa Art Gallery (2021), Karsh-Masson Gallery (2021), Art Mûr (2019), and Galerie 115 (2020), among others. In her practice, Finéus has been concerned with the third-space, representations of Haiti and its Canadian diaspora. Through an array of large painted landscapes, she presents her audience with distorted figurative imagery to showcase a frank portrayal of the socio-political climate in Haiti.