The Salt Spring
National Art Prize


— About the Artist

Virginia Morgan
Hazelton, BC

Virginia Morgan is of Kwakwaka’wakw and Gitksan descent. In 1989-1992 she attended Kitanmaax School of North West Coast Art. Her instructors were Ken Mowatt and the late Vernon Stephens. Virginia uses stories and ideas from her culture for her art pieces. Her work has been displayed in magazines for Leona Lattimer’s Gallery, as well as the North West Tourism guide. She has had two solo art shows and participated in an art show with Earl Muldon, the late Vernon Stephens, and Arlene Ness. Virginia shares her knowledge by having workshops to teach cedar weaving, carving, and beadwork.

— The winning piece

Raven Steals the Sun

Birch wood, acrylic paint, human hair, varathane, unframed

7" x 21" x 7"

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Artwork Statement

I am of Kwakwaka'wakw and Gitksan ancestry. I have been creating art with different mediums such as beadwork, leatherwork, button blankets, and cedar weaving since my teens. I was trained by my mother. I attended the Kitanmaax School of North coast Art from 1989 - 1992, and have been carving and designing since.

Curator Notes

It began with the specific colour red she used; it pulled me in, and then the entire carving held me there. I was taken with the motion in this piece, especially in the way the sun is being pulled from the wall. “Raven Steals the Sun” showcases Morgan’s skill as a carver and storyteller.

– Judy Anderson